Artificial Intelligence Developer Course

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Are you interested in solving real world business and community problems with the power of Cloud & AI? You’ll learn to develop sophisticated applications in a short time and become a confident ethical problem solver using leading Cloud resources. You will meet inspiring industry mentors and speakers. 

If you are fascinated by the possibility of AI, Cloud, Front End, Back End, and DevOps technologies; you are a hands-on creator; and enjoy making, testing and seeing your creations come to life, then a career in Advanced Software Development is for you.

Are you ready to become the next Advanced Software Developer?



19 weeks

Certificate in Digital Technology
Product Solutions (NZQA approved)

Delivered by Mission Ready under sub-contract with Otago Polytechnic

As an Advanced Software Developer you will gain skills in the following:

  • Cloud services (AWS, AZURE & IBM CLOUD)
  • Artificial Intelligence services
  • Architectural patterns
  • Agile mindset & practices
  • DevOps and Automated Deployment
  • Design thinking
  • SQL and databases
  • JSON and API
  • Source Control
  • Unit testing

upcoming intakes

January 18, 2021

May 10, 2021

August 9, 2021



19 weeks, 5 days a week


Onsite (Auckland) or Virtual 


First 9 weeks training fees

$6,460.57 (Incl. GST) – International visa holders

$2,096.00 (Incl. GST) – NZ residents and citizens

If you are selected for the next 10 weeks industry based training and experience, the fees are as below

$7,831.93 (Incl. GST) – International visa holders

$2,409.00 (Incl. GST) – NZ residents and citizens

This could

BE you.


Shriraj Chohan

Junior Engineer, Fusion Networks

Mission Ready was recommended to me by a colleague to do this as a stepping stone… It was a learning and work experience to get my foot into IT. I found out that I’m really good in the technical area. It gave me a hands on approach, more practical, good mentors, and also really interesting project sponsors. Datacom, 2degrees, Spark and many, many others. I would recommend Mission Ready to someone else. From my experience it’s been absolutely 10/10.