Learning success

Learning success

December 21, 2023

Mitchell’s quest for new challenges lead to rewards

A new experience and opportunity for growth are what continue to be the driving force behind Mitchell Quarrie’s passion for the IT industry.  

Mitchell, who is a seasoned philomath, has enjoyed learning, gaining certifications in tourism, business, mechanical engineering, a bachelor’s in Information Technology, and a recent qualification in Software (Cloud & DevOps) Development with Mission Ready.  

Talking success

He says his interest in the technology world has been an ongoing passion, and taking a software development course was the next step in this direction.  

“Software development is a new experience for me. I like creating new things, and I have never worked in a job like this, which drew me to advance my knowledge in this area.”  

Mitchell says while in between jobs, he had heard about Mission Ready’s successful programs from a friend and decided to explore his options in this field.  

After a deep dive into understanding what was on offer and how best he could align himself with the opportunities available, Mitchell decided to put through an application and was shortlisted to enrol.  

“Honestly, I went into this interview with Mission Ready as I have with all other interviews I have conducted in the tech world. I just spoke about my passion and willingness to learn and grow.”  

Key trait: Determination

Mitchell adds that learning with Mission Ready was a rewarding process, and gaining real industry experience was the icing on the cake!

“I must say I really enjoyed learning and being able to work with industry giants. I think it’s important to approach your education with a good work-life-study balance to maintain a smooth transition.”

Now, working as a successful Junior Software Developer with Chiptech Limited, Mitchell says for those interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry must approach Mission Ready’s education with a determined mindset.

“I think right from the get-go it’s important to put in the effort in order to succeed.”