Mission Ready Achieves Top Performing Category 1 Status:

Diana Sharma

Mission Ready Achieves Top Performing Category 1 Status:

What it Means for our Candidates (students) and Partners

In a significant milestone for MISSION READY, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has recently rated us as a Category 1 Provider in the 2023 External Evaluation Review (EER). But what does this prestigious rating mean for Mission Ready’s valued candidates and partners? Let’s delve into the details.

Understanding EER and Category 1

Before we get into the implications of this achievement, let’s clarify what EER and Category 1 mean:

External Evaluation Review (EER): The EER is a comprehensive assessment conducted by NZQA to evaluate the educational performance and capability in self-assessment of tertiary education providers in New Zealand. It serves as an independent, transparent, and rigorous evaluation of the institution’s performance, quality, and educational outcomes.

Category 1 Provider: NZQA categorizes tertiary education providers into four categories based on the outcomes of the EER. Category 1 is the highest rating, indicating that an institution has demonstrated excellent educational performance and capability in self-assessment. This rating reflects a high level of confidence in the institution’s ability to provide quality education and meet regulatory standards consistently.

What Does This Mean for Mission Ready?

  • High-Quality Education: Achieving Category 1 status underscores Mission Ready’s commitment to delivering a high-quality education. Candidates can have confidence that they are choosing an institution that meets or exceeds rigorous educational standards.
  • Reputation and Trust: For partners and stakeholders, Mission Ready’s Category 1 rating solidifies the institution’s reputation as a trusted and reliable education provider.
  • Recognition of Excellence: This achievement is not just a feather in Mission Ready’s cap but also a recognition of excellence in providing education and training. It distinguishes Mission Ready as one of the top-tier institutions in New Zealand.
  • Access to Funding: Category 1 providers often have enhanced access to government funding and support, which can further improve the resources available to Mission Ready for offering diverse and innovative educational programmes.
  • Global Recognition: Mission Ready’s Category 1 rating in the 2023 EER is globally recognised, elevating the Mission Ready’s visibility and firmly establishing it as a leading educational institution in New Zealand.

Mission Ready’s recent Category 1 rating in the 2023 EER is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in education. This achievement not only benefits the institution but also positively impacts our candidates and partners. With this recognition, Mission Ready can continue to provide top-tier education and training while fostering valuable collaborations within the education and tech sector. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, ensuring that Mission Ready remains a leader in the field for years to come.

You can read the full report on NZQA’s site – External Quality Assurance section: https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/providers/details.do?providerId=603969001