What The Market Needs: Sales Expert Turned Developer Shares Insights

What The Market Needs: Sales Expert Turned Developer Shares Insights

December 21, 2023

Changing and transitioning between careers is an exciting yet daunting experience, but the journey becomes much more rewarding when you’re certain about this decision.  

Ruan de Klerk, a former business and sales expert, made the move to leave his job as a sales team leader and venture into the tech industry.  

“Straight out of school, I decided to follow the business path, which I am glad I pursued, but I didn’t see it as a long-term career. When we moved to Tauranga, I decided to change to something I have a passion for and something I could see myself doing long-term.”

Now working as a junior software developer for Native Software, Ruan says a career in the tech industry was one he was always familiar with.  

“I also have two extended family members who are developers, so I grew up in a very technologically-focused environment. I find excitement in having to solve problems and work out solutions.”  

Ruan’s interest in technology stems back to high school. He recalls having a particular inkling of web development to building PCs and keeping up with the latest trends and products in the market.  

So how did it all begin?

A simple search on Google. Ruan recalls investigating different institutions that offered courses on Software Development but noting that Mission Ready’s programme stood out. This led him to apply for the 19-week Advanced Software Developer accelerator.  

He adds that the choice to study with Mission Ready came down to the institute’s ability to provide training based on the market’s skill demand.

“For a shorter-term study, this was crucial for me to succeed in changing careers, and Mission Ready seemed the best choice. The course available remotely also made it an obvious choice for me.”  

How was it studying with Mission Ready?

Ruan describes his learning experience with Mission Ready as a platform for success, stating that learning new skills went hand in hand with developing networks and friendships.  

“Mission Ready has set up a course where not only the tutors but also the candidates want to see each other succeed. It’s like having another family for those 19 weeks where you’re challenged but you also know if it gets difficult, there’ll always be someone available to keep motivating you.”

He adds that Mission Ready prides itself on providing an education that truly prepares you for the industry.  

“I found the course well set up, the tutors very knowledgeable, and the content relatable to workplace needs. The course is very hands-on but does not neglect the theory required to understand the code.”  

What advice would you give to candidates beginning their transition into tech?

The recent graduate says confident communication and willingness to be open to learning are the qualities that got her through the door as a successful candidate for Mission Ready.  

“The Mission Ready course can sometimes be challenging, but so is the workplace. My advice would be not to give up and be open to asking many questions. There is a lot of information available where others have had similar solutions to solve, so understanding how to search for these is extremely useful.”  

Ruan talks about his experience in the industry, noting that individuals who can solve problems and understand the value of seeking advice are highly regarded.