What Success Means To A Florist Turned UX Designer

What Success Means To A Florist Turned UX Designer

December 21, 2023

Being a full-time mum with minimal support and a full-time job can be challenging but joining the tech world made doing both those things possible for Elena Itsomina.  

A recent graduate of Mission Ready’s UX Designer accelerator, Elena is grateful not only for the new skillsets she has obtained but also the flexibility to raise her child.  

“Working in technology gives me flexible hours, and I can work remotely. The best thing is being able to have the summer holidays with my family.”

Elena, who previously owned a boutique florist store has moved through a few careers, responding to the industry demand within a country.  

“I initially studied engineering and working in this field when I was in Russia. Yet when I moved to New Zealand I knew I had to work in another industry so I took on a career with flowers which I truly enjoyed. I noticed, however, there was a demand within the country for UX designers.”  

Now working as a freelance UX designer, Elena shares with us her insights on how best to navigate the tech space and find a career with the help of Mission Ready.  

How did you begin this journey with Mission Ready?

After recognising the industry demand, Elena researched to find her best options for entering the industry.  

“I simply did a Google search and found Mission Ready. The UX course stood out to me and I knew this was exactly what I needed if I were to succeed at the lifestyle I wanted.”  

Elena says to get ahead in any field, research is key.  

“Before I went for my Mission Ready candidate selection interview I did a lot of research and gained some basic knowledge of what the industry was about and how I could become successful.”  

She adds getting through the door is only the first step—maintaining a steady growth during the 19 weeks is equally important.  

“I think confidence is key! You need to trust and know what you do, what you can do, and just present your skills, your knowledge, and capability. This is what helps you succeed right from the get-go.”  

Elena adds for those wanting a career shift, or more flexible work-life balance, the tech industry is the way.

“This career switch has allowed me to have a lifestyle that’s important to me and my family. Other mothers or anyone who wants something similar should really consider Mission Ready.”

What were your 19 weeks at Mission Ready like?

“Excellent!” Elena is quick to describe the 19 weeks as being an opportunity of growth. She adds her highlight was gaining an array of skills and knowledge in the shortest possible timeframe.  

“At the same time, being able to experience a real business environment is priceless. This is honestly why I choose to study with Mission Ready. I knew real experience would be essential if I were to succeed at my goals and Mission Ready provided that as part of the learning.”

Any tips on succeeding at Mission Ready?

“Research, prepare, and be confident! These skills will help you get through the door and succeed at gaining new knowledge and applying it to the industry.”