Challenging Norms: Thinking Ahead Of Time Brings Success

Challenging Norms: Thinking Ahead Of Time Brings Success

December 21, 2023

Accounting for only 23 percent of professional IT roles, women are a minority in the tech industry.

This didn’t sway a recently qualified Software Developer from Mission Ready, Neishun Lopati, however, who speaks of her experience entering the tech industry as a woman.  

“If you’re a brown woman like me, be confident in your ability to do things. But Neishun adds, “Tech is a massive sector that is not generally accessible for women or minorities, so don’t let people underestimate you.”  

So what brings a woman into an industry that seems to be dominated by men? Well, Neishun best describes it as the way of the future.  

“We always hear stories about people ahead of their time; Archimedes, Nikolai Tesla, Socrates, Galileo Galilei, and Frank Ocean with his album, Blonde. I think technology is the future. That is why I wanted to go into it.”

How did your journey into the tech industry begin?

What may sometimes seem like a missed career opportunity turned into a pathway—Neishun, who was a full-time student, had missed out on a semester after being hospitalised for two months.  

“The rehabilitation was long. I had to focus on recovering so missed the deadline to start that semester but then I heard about Mission Ready and decided to do that for the time being.”  

Neishun recalls longing for an academic challenge while battling a steady recovery.  

“I love challenges! When I had my phone interview, I was told it was an intense programme. I didn’t need to hear much more; I was game.”

Enter Mission Ready

Any candidate who has undergone Mission Ready’s accelerator program attests to its ability to provide a challenging yet rewarding course.  

Neishun says the 19-week Software Developer (Cloud & DevOps) allowed her to best prepare for the industry expectations and standards.  

“There’s a lot of self-learning and a lot of self-discovery with learning what you’re capable of. One of the best things about Mission Ready is the friends you can make. Like-minded people who share your vision for the future.”

Neishun advises that to launch a career through the support of Mission Ready, one must put in the effort and be resilient.  

“It can get hard for some, it does get intense, but your attitude is your altitude.” She adds the journey has delivered results for her career. “I am currently a UX Designer and leading the Front-End team for Tohu Media, an indigenous post-production company.”  

This could be you!

While Mission Ready is a competitive environment, Neishun has given us some tips to help skyrocket your tech career.  “Many factors can make you a successful candidate for the interview, but these are what worked for me: resilience, work ethic, and ambition.”