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Become a Certified Full Stack Developer in Just 12 Weeks!

Certificate in Technology Product Development Essentials (Level 4)

This Micro-credential is approved by NZQA.

Are you passionate about solving real-world business and community challenges? Dive into the world of software development and harness the power of mobile and web. Create responsive, mobile-first web applications and become a confident problem solver using code. If you love bringing ideas to life, this is your chance to embark on a rewarding career in full-stack and software development.

What you'll Master in this Programme:

  • Create responsive web applications
  • Develop robust server-side software
  • Utilise professional coding frameworks and libraries
  • Master security best practices to protect websites from threats
  • Dive deep into database development
  • Create unit tests for reliable code
  • Efficiently use of IDEs and source code management tools
  • Adhere to coding best practices
  • Understand software licenses & their implications
  • Get an overview of the future of tech with generative AI
The programme is tailored for beginners eager to kickstart a tech career. Whether you’re a school leaver, seeking a second chance at learning, contemplating a career shift, or looking to upgrade your skills for the booming tech sector, this program is your gateway. Especially if you’re considering alternatives to university, this course offers a fast track to high-wage roles in the tech industry without the traditional tertiary education route.

By the end of the Level 4 Micro-credential, you will:
1.    Analyse and select best fit solutions of existing and upcoming technologies in order to develop a technology product solution
2.    Apply broad technical knowledge to develop a technology product solution
apply self-directed learning and self-reflection techniques with the purpose of becoming a lifelong learner
3.    Apply security and technology product development best practices to deliver quality outcome in the context of practice
4.    Apply collaboration skills to work as an effective team member.

All study modules are structured, blending guided and self-directed study. You’ll need good time management skills to thrive.

•  Full-time students: Aim for 30-35 hours/week over 12 weeks.
Part-time students: Aim for 15-17.5 hours/week over 24 weeks.

Engage with online resources, participate in classroom sessions, and complete assessments to solidify your learning.

After acing this programme, you’ll be primed to join our Certificate in Digital Technology Product Solutions (Level 5) and advance to our Applied Technology Product Solutions (Level 6) accelerator to acquire advanced work skills and mentored work experience.

• Must have New Zealand or Australian residence/or citizenship
•  Meet the NCEA Level 1 Literacy and Numeracy standards.
•  If English isn’t your first language, provide proof of proficiency.

All eligible candidates will be interviewed to ensure foundational skills align with course demands.

•  Travel, accommodation, and food during classes.
•  Broadband internet access.
•  A computer or laptop. (Loan devices may be available in special cases.)

Note: Fees and details are subject to change based on government policies and other factors.

Hear From Our Graduate

I love self-led learning and I love challenge so the Mission Ready structure suited me well. University felt like an old school style of learning—endless study to just sit an exam ... I did my 10-week work experience and then landed a job with Kāinga Ora as a developer.

Seize The Opportunity

New Zealand’s tech skills shortage is your golden ticket. Reskill or upskill now and position yourself at the forefront of a thriving industry. Don’t miss out on high-wage roles just because you chose a different path than university.

Become a Full Stack Developer

No Prior Coding Knowledge Required!



Course Highlights:

  • NZQA approved micro-credential
  • Face-to-Face & Blended Online Learning

Total cost: $2,450 (incl. GST)*

        *Fees subject to change

Upcoming Start Date:

05 February 2024
06 May 2024
08 July 2024 – Part Time
05 August 2024
04 November 2024

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