Who is this programme designed for?

Level 5 is intended for learners who are currently pursuing employment in a technology career as a software developer. The Micro-credential is specifically designed for those looking to pathway into employment. The learners most likely to benefit from this are career changers and skill upgraders particularly those with transferable technical skills, recent graduates or self-taught individuals with basic technical skills who are looking to gain employment within the highly paid tech sector, or upgrade to careers that require specialisation beyond foundational tech roles.

On successful completion, you will be invited to join Level 6 for a mentored work experience. Its primary purpose is to provide learners enrolled in the Micro-credential with advanced skills in digital product design and delivery through professional practice in a work placement project. The aim is to enable learners to gain experience, practice the application of digital and technical skills and improve their work readiness to increase their chances of success in roles in the context of their practice as a Software Developer.

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