What is a mentored work experience?

Mentored work experiences are structured programmes where you engage in practical work activities under the guidance and supervision of experienced mentors. These experiences are designed to provide real-world exposure, skills development, and professional growth within a specific field or industry.

Mission Ready works with 200+ industry partners to provide mentored work experiences.

Participants work on actual projects or tasks that contribute to their understanding of the industry, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings. In addition to technical skills, mentored work experiences develop communication and teamwork skills that are so important in the modern work palce.

Our facilitators match participants to mentors to provide you with valuable feedback, insights, and referrals.

The mentors, are experienced professionals who have agreed to provide guidance, feedback, and support. They help mentees navigate challenges, understand industry norms, and develop professionally.

These experiences often enable participants to connect with professionals in their field, expanding their professional network and opening doors to future job opportunities.

For many, these experiences can lead to employment opportunities within the host organisation or with others in the industry, based on the skills and relationships developed during the program.

Mentored work experiences are part of our Level 6 programmes.

A selection of our industry partners who provide mentored work experiences to you

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