No prior coding experience required - how does that work?

Our programme is designed to be accessible to individuals starting from scratch in the field of software development. Here's how it works:

Structured Curriculum

We have a carefully structured curriculum that starts with the basics and builds up to more complex topics. This allows beginners to grasp foundational concepts before moving on to advanced material.

Immersive Learning Experience

With engaging daily lessons, hands-on projects, and interactive challenges, we make sure you're not just learning – you're applying new concepts in real-time. This supportive approach ensures you quickly gain the practical skills you need, all while enjoying the adventure of discovery.

Hands-on Projects

From the start, you work on real-world projects that apply what you're learning in a practical context. This project-based learning approach helps solidify coding principles and practices, even for those without prior experience.

Mentorship and Support

You receive guidance from experienced facilitators and mentors who provide personalised feedback and support. This one-on-one mentoring helps address individual learning needs and overcome any hurdles along the way.

Skill-Focused Learning

The focus is on developing the skills needed for a tech career, rather than just theoretical knowledge. This means that even those without coding experience can build the competencies required by employers in the tech industry.

Besides teaching technical skills, we also include components on career preparation, such as CV writing, interview practice, and networking, which are crucial for transitioning into a tech career.

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