Fees Free Eligibility Explained

"In today’s economy, diving into a tech certification might feel out of reach. Yet, with the Fees Free initiative, your dream job in tech is closer than you think.

If you’re embarking on your tertiary education journey for the first time, you could be eligible to have your fees covered for one year of study or two years of work-based training. This opportunity comes in the form of Fees Free, a dedicated fund designed for first-time tertiary learners. Fees Free can cover fees for up to $12,000 and is applicable to a wide range of educational institutions, including Mission Ready.

Are you eligible? It’s easy to find out:

  • Check if your course qualifies.
  • Use the NSN checker for your status.

In 2022 alone, over 42,760 students and trainees embraced this opportunity, spanning from university courses to apprenticeships. Remember, it’s not just for recent grads—less than half a year of prior tertiary study still counts.

Dreaming of a tech career? Let’s make it happen. Connect with our advisors now and step confidently into your tech future."


*Source: https://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/statistics/fees-free