Gamification of success

How often does one take their lounging activities and create a career pathway? Well, Mission Ready graduate Melvin Narayan saw potential in his passion for video gaming and launched a career as a software developer.  

“I grew up around computers and video games, and in today’s age, there are so many cool things that technology enables us to do, and who knows what the future of technology holds for us.”

How did it all begin?

Melvin says he has always had a keen interest in technology and its untapped potential. But, he adds, “In today’s age, there are so many cool things that technology enables us to do, and who knows what the future of technology holds for us.”

This eager passion took Melvin through a phase of exploration. He recalls, “I knew I wanted to get into programming, but I wasn’t sure if I was capable. The more I explored and learned different things, the more I found backend work interesting.”  

Before joining Mission Ready, Melvin worked as a mobile phone repair technician while managing self-education by studying programming on his own time through online resources and courses.

He adds, “I ultimately decided to leave my full-time job and fully commit myself to pursue a career in tech.”  

Finding the best fit – Life with Mission Ready!

“Technology became even more fascinating once I started learning at Mission Ready and being able to build my own apps, reverse engineer existing services, and have the knowledge of what’s happening behind the scenes in my day-to-day use of technology.”  

Melvin’s ongoing interest in technology brought him to Mission Ready’s website through a simple Google search! He recalls, “I was looking for a place where I could upskill and learn about programming, and that is when I found Mission Ready.”  

At Mission Ready, any interested candidate must first undergo an interview as part of the enrolment process to meet the prerequisites of the accelerator courses. Melvin, like many others, walked into this meeting full of confidence.  

“I’m passionate about programming, and I was certain this path I wanted to pursue. I had also spent a bit of time learning on my own before joining Mission Ready, boosting my confidence.”  

After the successful interview, Melvin began his 19-week  Software Developer accelerator. He describes this journey as a stable learning platform.  

“I was learning new things every day. It’s a journey that requires hard work and commitment but comes with all the support you need to succeed. There were some challenging times but getting through those challenges is exciting and rewarding!”  

At Mission Ready, all candidates receive learning through a hands-on learning program. Melvin says assignments had turned out to be the most exciting experience of his education journey.  

“In individual missions, we were free to express our creativity and explore up to a level we were comfortable with. In group missions, we got to work with other people, which allowed us to see things from different perspectives. After these missions, we all got to showcase our work, allowing everyone to see different ideas and approaches that other students had.”  

Many candidates have attested to Mission Ready’s vision to create an environment that provides education, and best prepares one for the industry, with a graduated 85% work placement.  

“The main reason I choose Mission Ready is the industry experience program. I wanted to make a career out of programming, and I figured the best way is to upskill and then have some real-world experience in the industry.”

How can this be you?

Melvin has become a successful software developer focusing on the backend at 9Spokes and has given us some tips on succeeding at Mission Ready.  

“Curiosity and consistency are what I found to be the most important keys to succeeding at Mission Ready. Dedicating the time daily to learning and having the curiosity to ask questions and explore unknown territory will take you far.”

He describes that the tech industry can seem intimidating, but not to be afraid of the unknown.  

“There are so many aspects of technology, but most of it boils down to some basic concepts. Once you learn those concepts, you can continue to grow in so many directions and become successful.”

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