5 Reasons Why Mission Ready Is The Tech Ed Of Your Dreams

You’ve made the decision to dive into the tech industry and you’re excited and possibly a little nervous about it. Maybe this is something you’ve wanted for a really long time and it feels like you’re finally heading in the right direction.

First things first—you need to upskill. With a variety of different tech education programmes out there, from short courses to full blown university, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities…. until you discover Mission Ready, that is. Our short-course programme is an intensive, ever-evolving accelerator that’ll get you where you want to be, quickly.  

Here are five reasons why Mission Ready is the tech education programme you’ve been searching for.

It’s a fast-paced course that matches the fast-paced tech industry.

Tech is one of the most rapidly changing industries on the face of planet earth. So while what you learn today is still going to be useful tomorrow, what you learnt three years ago probably won’t be. In such a constantly-evolving industry it makes sense then, that you would save your time, energy and money by choosing a high quality, intensive course that launches you into the tech world quickly—in just 19 weeks rather than 3 years.  

You actually get a job at the end of it.

The struggle is real for university grads who have shelled out thousands of dollars and put thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears into their degrees only to get turned away from entry-level jobs that demand a level of experience that’s impossible for them to have attained. At Mission Ready, theory is important but it isn’t everything. Each one of our accelerators includes 10 weeks of mentored industry learning experience plus a two-part guarantee—’Our Promise’—with ongoing mentoring, career coaching and incredible upskilling opportunities. Better still, our graduates have an 86% success rate meaning you’re likely to walk straight out of study and into your dream job. (And on the off-chance you don’t, you’ll get your money back.)

Did we mention you get real industry experience?

It bears repeating—for many of our candidates, the opportunity to work on real projects with companies like Datacom, Auckland Council, Fonterra and Spark was the reason they initially chose us over our competitions. But it isn’t just a pull. It delivers. You won’t be doing coffee runs or photocopying, you’ll be working alongside teams at the top of their game working on real life projects and solving problems for real customers. Now, that’s value.  

You can shape your studies around your life and not the other way around.

Our 19-week accelerators are flexible and many candidates opt to study remotely. Remote learning can feel isolating but that isn’t the case at Mission Ready—a strong sense of communication, collaboration and community connection runs through each programme, regardless of whether students are beaming in from home or studying in person.  

“I think what I enjoyed the most was the fun, support and all-round demeanor of the students and tutors that were involved in my intake; it made me feel like we were in it together.”

– Sanja Kondic (UX graduate)

We’re as legit as they come.

Nobody wants the burn of discovering they enrolled in a shoddy knock-off programme. Fortunately, you can rest assured in the knowledge that Mission Ready is both industry and government-approved. We’re trusted by high profile businesses with graduates being hired by the likes of MBIE, Auckland Transport, NIHI and more, and each of our accelerators meet NZQA standards.  

Ready to launch? Explore our accelerators here, or book a call with our team to discuss your options.