What is Tech Career Accelerator?

What is a


Tech career accelerators help individuals rapidly prepare for careers in the technology sector. We focus on specific skills and roles that are in high demand, such as business analysis, software development, and UX/UI design.

Our goal is to help people quickly gain the skills and knowledge to secure a job in tech, even if they come from non-technical backgrounds. Our Innovative training approach has helped many people launch new careers. 

Key features of our tech career accelerators: 

Intensive Curriculum

These programmes are short-term, ranging from ten to twenty weeks. They are intensive, with full days in classes, workshops, and hands-on projects. 

Industry-Relevant Skills

The programme is tailored to meet the current demands of the tech industry. The programme has been developed with input from industry leaders, ensuring participants learn skills employers are actively seeking – now. Participants gain industry recognised, NZQA approved Micro-Credentials. 


Our facilitators’ focus is on practical, hands-on training and experience. The role of the facilitator is to guide, provide insights and mentor participants to launch their tech careers in the most successful way possible. 


Participants are paired with mentors who are industry professionals. These mentors offer guidance, feedback, and insights from their own experiences. 

Project-Based Learning

Instead of just theoretical knowledge, participants work on real-world projects to apply what they’ve learned and build a portfolio. So at the end of the programme, you can also show employers your work experience. 

Job Placement Assistance

The accelerator program connects participants with companies actively seeking talent. We also include interview coaching, resume workshops, and networking events to help participants secure jobs. 


Driven by our mission to enable candidates from all backgrounds to grow and accelerate their careers. We innovate in education and how we achieve our social mission to make a difference. We offer scholarships, pay-it-forward grants, and pay-when-hired for candidates unable to afford to pay for educational programmes upfront. 

Constantly refreshed

Given the pace of change in the tech sector, the curriculum is reviewed continuously and frequently updated.  


After participating in one of our Career Accelerators, you’ll have a solid grip on the tech job scene and all the good gear, know-how, and tricks to shine in your tech mahi. Whether you’re chasing a step up, swapping careers, or diving into the tech world, our accelerators set you up to confidently tackle Aotearoa’s buzzing tech scene.