Webinar: Your Guide To Future-proofing Your Career As A Salesforce Developer


WHy you should consider a career in salesforce

What is a salesforce developer & how you can become one

Friday 11 November


If you’re considering entering the world of tech but not sure which path to choose, then Salesforce Development is one that can open up a lot of opportunities. How? 1. There’ll be 60k new  Salesforce roles in New Zealand and Australia by 2024 and 2. The average salary for a Salesforce developer is $90K.

Join our Co-Founder, Innovation Director  & Industry expert, Alan Kan, as he takes you through what being a  Salesforce Developer means and how to get there.

In this webinar, you'll get insight into:

  1. What being a Salesforce Develper means.
  2. Why the Salesforce industry is a booming one, what salaries look like, and what kind of roles are available.
  3. What a career path in Salesforce looks like and how you can become certified and job ready in 8 months
  4. Have your opportunity to ask questions and for advice



Having been in New Zealand’s tech industry for over 20 years across
roles in software, coding, designing, architecting, managing, and training, Alan has a passion for developing next-generation tech talents. Alan co-founded Mission Ready in 2018 and has been growing and developing accelerator programmes to get tech lovers with little or no experience into jobs in the industry as quickly as possible. 

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