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Māori and Pacific people only make up two percent of the technology sector. We want to change that. 

We have 12 scholarships for Māori and Pacific candidates aged 16 to 40, for our Full Stack Web Developer accelerator.

The Full Stack Web Developer Accelerator will teach you to solve real world business and community problems with the power of mobile and web. You’ll learn how to create responsive mobile-first web applications and be a confident problem solver using code. If you are a hands-on creator and enjoy making, testing and seeing your creations come to life, then a career in full-stack development is for you and if you identify as this ethnic group and have a passion for technology, please apply.

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how to


1. Simply go to our application form 

2. Fill in all the required details 

3. In the referral field, use the code MBTT

4. Submit your details and wait for our assessment call.

To apply for fees free MPTT programmes you must be:

• Aged 16 years to 40 years
• A NZ Citizen /permanent resident
• Of NZ Maori or Polynesian descent .
• Be willing to do whatever it takes to land a great job in tech
• Be able to participate in any re-arranged activities through TSI (The Southern Initiative)

more about the


The scholarships are sponsored by Auckland Council’s The Southern Initiative. Auckland is currently experiencing a demand for skilled tradespeople and that demand is expected to grow.

The Southern Initiative identified young Māori and Pasifika training and employment as a critical priority.

To address this, it delivers the Māori and Pasifika Trades Training programme. The programme is a central government initiative to assist Māori and Pasifika, aged 16 to 40, to:

    1. gain qualifications through training and apprenticeships
    2. secure sustainable employment with opportunities for progression.

      The programme is based on close collaboration with an employer consortium.

Nearly Everything You Need To Know

About Being A Web Developer


The internet is huge. It has over 1.5 billion websites, with more getting added everyday.

What’s more, it is only going to get bigger, as business comes online, which means there is always  going to be a  demand for people to help build it. 

If you are interested in building a career riding this wave,a job in web development may be the right fit for you. This is valid across the world, but especially true for New Zealand where lack of skilled professionals in technology makes this a highly lucrative career choice to pursue.

What is more, getting started in web development is easy; all you require is a good internet connection and some learning up your sleeve, and you are good to go.  

But, what is web development and how do you get started? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From what exactly constitutes web development to what you need to do in order to become one, and even the scope of job opportunities that lie ahead, we have created an exhaustive resource to help answer all questions you may have about pivoting to this career choice.

This could

BE you.


Matt Bartlett

Software Developer, Crunch & Flourish

Mission Ready HQ gave me work experience while learning more about a technical job, … learning how to develop apps and javascript.. I was also getting work experience working for Crunch which gave me a bit of direction in what to study. I would really recommend Mission Ready to anybody. You are going to learn a lot, get a lot of confidence out of it. The greatest benefit was getting a job. That’s really the best feeling.

How Mission ready

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simulated missions

Work on industry-inspired projects and
missions every week with cross functional team to build foundational skill in your chosen field.



Accomplish Real
World Missions

Gain experience and put your new skills into practice by working in real world projects with guidance from industry experts.



Mission Ready.

12 to 19 weeks later, you’ll be job and interview ready, with a fresh CV and reference from your industry project sponsor.

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