Salesforce and Mission Ready HQ partner to tackle NZ skills shortage []

Salesforce and Mission Ready HQ partner to tackle NZ skills shortage []

This press release was originally published on by Rob O’Neill.

Customer relationship management giant Salesforce is teaming with Auckland career development agency Mission Ready HQ to create 300 skilled developers over the next year.

The collaboration will roll out a five-month accelerator course next month that aims to combat the technology industry’s skills shortage.

Candidates will be trained on in-demand professional skills including Agile and design thinking and will gain three industry recognised certifications as well as experience on live projects enabling them to hit the ground running with medium and large businesses using Salesforce technology.

Mission Ready said it has a placement rate of 85 per cent with its accelerator programme candidates and was expecting a similar, if not better result, with this specific Salesforce cohort. 

Mission Ready, co-founded by Diana Sharma and Alan Kan in 2018, recognised it could be a part of the solution by tailoring its signature accelerator course to help candidates transition into tech careers.

The agency has trained more than 200 candidates in the last two and a half years with a large percentage shifting from careers such as teaching, business operations, performing arts, nursing and COVID-19-impacted industries such as hospitality and tourism.

The programme also appeals to organisations as a targeted way to fulfil their diversity and inclusion goals.

Mission Ready’s networks tap into candidate talent pools, especially Maori and Pasifika, who have not been exposed to traditional pathways into the technology industry. 

In 2020 Mission Ready set up more than 30 tech scholarships for Māori and Pasifika candidates that lead to long-term employment opportunities.

Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners anticipate creating 26,000 new jobs in New Zealand by 2026.

Mission Ready also offers NZQA-approved accelerator courses for full stack developers, user experience designers and advanced software development with more pending.