The new remote workplace will call for these skills

The new remote workplace will call for these skills

With millions of people having to work from home because of Covid-19, one trend that is bound to stay is the rise of remote work. The numbers clearly support this. Since 2007, remote work has risen by 159 percent  and is now witnessing a sharp increase,  as more and more companies choose to operate on remote teams.

The largely online, location independent way of working, is also forcing employers to re-think what constitutes productivity and how it is measured. The result? There are questions being raised on the efficacy of the traditional 8 hour work day, or 40 hour work week. It’s not without reason, too. 

Just think about it. Research has already documented that a worker is usually productive for just three hours in an eight hour workday. Yet, we continue to link productivity with time.

A well-known McKinsey study in fact has found that people tend to be five times more focussed, and hence more productive, not when they are clocking in hours, but when they were in a state of ‘flow’, a mental state where one “fully employs their core capabilities to meet a goal or challenge”. 

This is why attributes like value and flexibility have started dominating conversations around the future of work, and it’s for this reason that the new workplace of tomorrow is likely to go increasingly remote.

If you have an existing skill that translates well to remote work, that’s amazing. If not, well that’s fine too. You can build on a new skill and the silver lining is that once you have this skill, you are set to be in a better situation, pandemic or not!

At Mission Ready HQ, we strongly recommend learning skills in the technology sector. Not only is there a huge demand for people in the technology sector, but these jobs also pay very well. What’s more, this demand is unlikely to abate any time soon.

If you’re thinking of giving your career a tech boost, here’s our list of the top 5 most lucrative skills that you can consider mastering to ace the remote workplace of tomorrow:

1. Full Stack Developer

Average Salary: $78,407

A full stack developer is an engineer who can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. If you are a hands-on creator and enjoy making, testing and seeing your creations come to life, then a career in full-stack development is for you.

2. Business Analyst

Average salary: $65,000

Working as a business analyst involves discovering, defining, and delivering the most valuable tech solutions for some of the most pressing business issues.If you enjoy collaborating with people, researching, analysing and problem solving, then a career in agile business analysis is for you.

3. UX Design

Average salary: $90,000

User experience( UX) designers create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users, so if you are a natural problem solver interested in figuring out how to create delightful digital experiences, you can consider picking up this skill.

4. Data Analysis

Average salary: $70,000 

If you enjoy crunching data, and have an analytical bent of mind, a job in data analysis could take you places. IBM has estimated that there will be more than 2.7 million job openings for professionals with data skills by 2020, making it one of the most in demand skills in the market.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Average salary: $80,000

For those interested in machine learning and all the possibilities that it holds, being an AI analyst could be the way to go. When it comes to jobs of the future, few industries stand out as artificial intelligence, making it a great  area to earn your tech chops in .

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