Never stop learning

Never stop learning

Exploring links between Streetfighter and success 

Creating his first Linux environment to play Street Fighter at nine years of age, Pierre Sandy – is a true tech insider. DevOps engineer at 9Spokes and recent graduate of Mission Ready, followed his lifelong passion to become a qualified tech professional. The journey had been insightful and useful.

Having gained experience as a sales engineer, selling flow components, Pierre was ready for a career change that reflected his childhood dreams better.

“I just wanted to focus on things I wanted to do”, he recollects how the definitive change began. 

This 19-week immersive course, with a ten-week industry placement, had been that point of change.  

The mindset is everything, according to Pierre. “As a developer, you need to stay on top of your learning, continuous learning”. The industry is constantly building more and more layers of knowledge, more ways of connecting different disciplines on several different fronts. Artificial intelligence, data science and cloud technologies are progressing fast. So is the need for more industry experienced tech professionals.

Experience, gained through a commitment to learning, upgrading knowledge or as in Pierre’s case, changing careers.  

A day in the office. “As a devops engineer, my job essentially is maintaining the infrastructure of our product. As things get developed, they go through different environments. And our job is to make sure, before it reaches a full on production environment, that everything is safe and the code is clean”. Sounds technical, and thanks to Pierre who had done the hard yards to make that sentence happen, it is also well-paid 

In addition to being a life-long learner, developers must also learn to be efficient communicators, as their roles become more and more prevalent in almost all modern workspaces, the right mind set is being able to have the skills the employers are looking for, and being able to communicate those skills.

“I just went for it. I just went to management, and I just talked to them, you know?” From day one Pierre got along with the team naturally and was able to communicate to the management that he was wanting to progress on from developer to DevOps, and within a few months, he did.  

“Make sure you’re passionate about what you do. Having that drive and the right mindset to do a job, helps getting hired. Just don’t think because you have a degree, you’re going to get a job. It’s not about that. It’s about having a continuous learning mindset. If there’s a challenge, know how to approach it. Yeah, look at it from different ways”.

A Google search on industry focused tech courses brought him to Mission Ready’s student success stories blog.

“I started looking at success stories because I don’t want a unit or a course, I want a job”. Pierre encourages anyone looking to take on that learning path to take action as he did. 

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