Get Noticed by Your Next Employer with Generative AI

Get Noticed by Your Next Employer with Generative AI

                                                     Written by Alan Kan

It was a pleasure to recently join a dynamic panel at the University of Auckland to discuss the exciting ways in which the emerging technologies disrupt business models. The conversation was invigorating, and I’m thrilled to have another opportunity to share insights, this time at DevDay 2023, where I’ll be on a distinguished panel discussing how to improve your personal branding and networking. But before we get into that, let’s talk about how you can harness the power of Generative AI to maximise the chances of getting noticed by your next employer.


                              Getting Seen

Although generative AI is not yet as smart as being able to bring the most suitable job to you, you can get it to give you some ideas to improve your chances, from giving you some job search strategies to suggesting networking events to improve your chance of getting seen. For example, you can write a prompt like “As a UX Designer, recommend networking events in New Zealand that are best for meeting employers for the purpose of job searching” to look for suitable meetups to attend.



                                  Getting Google Bard to suggest some networking events to go to

                              Learn the Right Skills

With the right skills, you are more likely to get found by recruiters and matching algorithms of Linkedin. If you already have your eyes on your next job role, you can get generative AI to suggest skills gap you need to plug. Use a prompt to feed your CV content to AI, such as “Here is a list of my past education, skills and experience…” (or just upload the file if you are using GPT-4). And then you can use a prompt like “As a career advisor, list the top 5 skills required by a data scientist. Based on the skillsets outlined in my education, skills and experience, suggest the skills I need to be learn to become a data scientist”


                              Improve LinkedIn Profile

Generative AI is very effective for grammar checking and making your Linkedin Profile more impactful. You can use a prompt to feed the content of your LinkedIn profile for review. You write another prompt to focus Generative AI on specific improvements you want, such as “As a resume reviewer, review the previous content for grammar, spelling, and suggest changes to improve the chance of getting a business analyst role”.

One caveat – if you are thinking of generating a Linkedin profile or a CV using generative AI, you will risk having your profile looking similar to other people who also used generative AI. I won’t recommend it unless you have advanced prompting skills.


I hope you’ve found these insights helpful. If you’d like to explore how Generative AI can enhance your employability or have any questions about the power of AI in the job search process, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be delighted to share more insights and tips.


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