Flying To The Next Mission: A Pilot’s Journey Into Software Development

Flying To The Next Mission: A Pilot’s Journey Into Software Development

Once a friendly face that flew across the blue waters of the South Pacific but Stuart Toleafoa turned in that career for a chance to follow his interest.    

The newly graduate of Mission Ready’s Software Developer (Cloud & DevOps) accelerator says his passion for technology is long rooted in his childhood aspirations.   

“I have always been interested in technology ever since I was young. It is, in fact, partially the reason why I chose to become a pilot.” 

We caught up with Stuart, to hear about his rewarding career crossover and some tips on how to get a quality educational leg up in the industry through Mission Ready.  

How did your journey begin?  

I was introduced to the world of technology through Mission Ready. I had heard about the higher education facility through one of my mates. After a deep-dive research into the course I knew this was something I wanted to do. It was one of the fastest ways to enter the workforce and it would provide me with a good knowledge base and experience to get my first industry-based job. 

What was the interview process like to get into Mission Ready?  

I remember preparing as best as I can for the interview but I honestly think it comes down to showing that I was teachable, eager to learn, and ready to delve into the unknown possibilities of the tech world.  

How would you describe your 19 weeks in the Software Developer (Cloud & DevOps) accelerator?  

It was intense but rewarding! Don’t get me wrong, you have to put in the work to make it to the end, but it’s entirely worth it. I had also enjoyed the university lifestyle making new friends and meeting new people. I found a group of friends that helped me get through my journey at Mission Ready. 

How does one succeed at Mission Ready?  

I would say just keep going. There were a couple of times during the course when I was confused and didn’t understand the content, but I just kept my head down, continued to persevere and it paid off.  

Where have you landed after receiving an education with Mission Ready?  

I’m currently working as a contractor. I provide services in the area of software development and project management.   

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