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This is for anyone interested in working with data to enable businesses, communities, consumers and customers to make better decisions. If you are analytical and enjoy finding ways to use data to improve business performance, then this pathway is for you.

To join this pathway, previous knowledge of SQL or R or Python is preferred. This programme will give you a leg up to get experience and connections in the industry.

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Aidan Mason-Mackay

Data Scientist, Crunch & Flourish
I’d been searching for a lot of different tech courses and wanted to find some way of learning tech skills. So Facebook noticed that and I came across Mission Ready FB ad. I studied maths and physics at Uni, and after I graduated I wanted to change a little bit into Data Science. So I had the right maths background but no coding skills and no real practical experience so I was struggling with bridging that gap. I wanted some industry experience so I would know about that being my right path. Mission Ready is a really great way of getting stuck into your field straight away. As soon as you start you are working on real problems and in a real tech team. I got a job out of it at the end.