Candidate Hot List


Hot List

Here is a list of candidates who completed work experiences with Mission Ready. Please contact us, if you are looking for new hire and interested to know more about any of them.


Candidate A – Developer

Full stack developer with a Bachelors degree majoring in Software Development from AUT with skills and experience in C, Java (OOP), SQL, Agile, and collaborating in small Scrum teams. Recently upskilled with MissionReadyHQ in full-stack development learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, MySQL and have applied skills in a R&D project with Dacreed using Next.js, Heroku, and A team leader who is great at collaborating and communicating with a passion to pursue full-stack development or explore other areas in software development. Previous experience in the retail.


Candidate B – Developer

Successfully completed several technical projects in software development where he was challenged in all facets of the software development life cycle and required to innovate, collaborate and think critically with a team. Has experience using JavaScript(ES6), Typescript, React, Node.js, Express.js, HTML5, CSS, SASS, SQL, NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, Shell, JSON, Git/ Github, AWS, GCP and Linux. Previous work experience including an internship at Datacom has given him the business knowledge and analytical mindset to not only complete projects within project timelines but also communicate these professionally to a high level.


Candidate C – Developer

Full stack web developer with experience in Flutter, MERN, Git and Github, cloud deployment, and Agile methodologies. A fast learner, collaborative problem-solver, passionate about coding, with customer service background, and interested in data visualization, digital learning platforms, IoT and other innovations that benefit society.


Candidate D – UX Designer

Creative UX designer and researcher with a goal-oriented mindset. Enjoys using collaborative tools (i.e. Miro, Figma) to bridge the gap between business and user needs. Previous experience in the music and teaching industries.


Candidate E – UX Designer

A UX researcher and strategist with strong business acumen. An empath with vast people experiences who can navigate through users’ needs in order to discover professional and creative use of products. Align business impact with real-world applications and experiences that users enjoy. Background in sales and marketing for Apple.


Candidate F – Developer

Full-stack developer with a Computer Science background. Self-taught to complete several e-commercial and AI projects. Experience in Gatsby, GraphQL, React, Redux, TailwindCSS, MaterialUI, Firebase, Firestore, Stripe, TypeScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Github, Docker, AWS.


Candidate G – UX Designer

UX Designer, strong in UX Research with a particular love for Information Architecture and User Flows. A suite of illustration and 2D animation skills. Based in Wellington, open to a move to Auckland.