Bushman to E-Learning Web Developer

Bushman to E-Learning Web Developer

Meet Cam Nepe

Hailing from Gizzy, the East Coast of New Zealand. Cam has been a Bushman and Lecturer in Forestry at the local Polytech, EIT. Cam moved to Hamilton, and he decided to take a positive step toward his future career in tech. “I had done an ICT Diploma through EIT, so I was lucky enough to cross-credit straight into the Mission Ready Level 6 Advanced Accelerator that got me an internship with KeteKai.”

My Tech Internship

“At KeteKai, I worked within a team of three other interns, one other developer, and a UX designer which was great. We were going to do a re-vamp of the site. The UX designer would help by consulting with their clients to find out the easiest and best way they would like to use the Ketekai website and us developers were going to build it.  We learned a lot of different things there including some coding languages like typescript which is another version of JavaScript.” Says Cam. 

Getting a Job In Tech

“Halfway through the internship, I started applying for jobs. I applied at Learning Works for a web developer role. Learning Works are a passionate and experienced team of learning designers trainers and learning technologists who collaborate with their clients to create engaging learner-focused resources. These resources can be print-based, blended, or eLearning based.” Cam missed out on the role but after the interview, the manager and CEO liked him so much that they tailor-made him a role on their Learning Tech team.  

Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable. There is always something to learn.” – Cam Nepe

What do you really do?

“My role as an e-learning web developer allows me to learn new things all the time and apply what I’ve learned to create innovative learning solutions that serve both stakeholders and end-users. I work with the support desk to help clients that are having problems with their platforms. I help by triaging issues that could be with their database or servers. I never stopped being a teacher! I also help with the online learning team as a trainer. I help new users navigate Moodle.” 

Advice for you!

We asked Cam what advice he would give anyone looking at a career in tech.

“Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable. There is always something to learn.” If you enjoy learning and being curious and enjoy learning new things and building things, Software development or UX design might be the answer for you too! Learn more about our programmes now!