Breaking new grounds and picking up the challenge

Breaking new grounds and picking up the challenge


“I knew there weren’t many women in the technology industry, so I opted to set aside that dream and pursued a career that would provide a means of taking care of my family.”

This recent graduate of Mission Ready’s UX Designer Course, Indigo Phillips, says her interest in technology dates back to a time when Web 1.0 was evolving, but the lack of diversity and inclusion within the industry had her looking elsewhere for a career. 

“I worked in the courier industry for many years, but I always knew I would return to my passion. I knew I wanted to be in this space, creating and designing and learning about users experience.” 

Now, as a qualified UX designer for the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Indigo hopes to create pathways and break barriers for women, particularly Maori women, in the industry. 

Indigo shares her journey of finding her footing in the industry through the guidance of Mission Ready.

Why gain an education with Mission Ready?

“I heard about Mission Ready through social media and immediately recognised that this was an excellent opportunity for me to add to my skill set.” 

Indigo recalls before joining Mission Ready, she had been transitioning through several projects.  

I was finding it hard to look for employment; even though I had already done about four or five different projects, it wasn’t enough. I felt like I needed extra skills because I was struggling.”

Ensuring that there was a career pathway moving forward was a priority for Indigo, she adds, knowing that Mission Ready was portrayed as the authority in tech education and career pathway made it her top choice. 

I knew that Mission Ready had set up a team to support those coming in to lean, so I already knew that this was the place I wanted to be with that kind of support that helped people to work afterwards. So it’s totally unbeatable in my books; that’s one of the reasons why I choose Mission Ready.”

What are the expectations of studying at Mission Ready?

“I would say that I found my confidence in this space because the education allowed me to gain the knowledge needed for the industry along with the much-needed UX designer mindset.”

Indigo adds that a willingness to learn and a growth mindset will take you a long way in your journey at Mission Ready and the industry.

“My advice would be never to give up and constantly think about learning and what you can do for yourself to add to your value as an essential future employee.” 

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