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George Monro attests to Mission Ready’s guaranteed employment placement  

Converting a qualification into a career can be challenging, but a recent graduate of Mission Ready and Genetic Technologies – Pioneer Seeds’ newly appointed salesforce administrator, George Monro, tells us it’s the quality of education that matters.   

George, who has always had a keen interest in the technology industry, undertook a degree a few years ago and, like many Kiwis, soon learnt that getting your foot through the door isn’t always as simple as one thinks.  

“My degree wasn’t as helpful in getting a job in the field. I heard about Mission Ready through a job interview at Datacom. Another candidate mentioned their education experience with Mission Ready HQ during my shortlist interview. I didn’t get that job, but I knew where I needed to go next.” 

 Why look towards a tech career? 

 Before joining the industry, George was a coach at Playball New Zealand and would spend his days teaching kindergarten children hand-eye coordination, enjoying a little throw, catch and kick outdoors. 

 George says that as rewarding as this role was for him, making the shift to the technology industry was something he was drawn to as a kid.   

 “My Dad was always in the tech industry, so when I was young, if I wasn’t going to school, I remember going to dad’s work and being interested in what was happening. So growing up, I always had an eye on the industry, and when it was time for me to figure out what I wanted to do, Tech was still top of my list.” 

 Hello, Mission Ready!  

 Mission Ready offers a range of Accelerator Programmes for 12 to 19 weeks to provide hands-on experience and industry-based training to ensure successful careers in technology.  

 George recalls, “I enrolled into Mission Ready’s Level 6 Salesforce Development programme in January.  I was eager to learn and start my career. During my interview for Mission Ready, I was honest about what I wanted to get out of the program and lucky enough that our interests aligned.” 

 Like many who have studied in the last two years, learning has been unprecedented through several Covid 19 restrictions. But, for George, the experience, as challenging as it was, prepared him for the industry.  

 “Online learning in the first seven weeks was new, but as I got used to it, I found that I always had support from the team. I loved every second of the latter half of the program. It was incredible to witness a business function as it gave me a real-world understanding of my learnings over the weeks and showed me what to expect as I began my career.” 

Internships and growth  

 At Mission Ready, we work in a three-step procedure to provide knowledge through Accelerator Programmes, industry experience through internships, and assist in getting candidates’ job and interview ready.  

For George, a highlight of this Mission Ready experience was his internship at Davanti Consulting in Auckland.  

He recalls, “Being part of an agile team and working towards a goal where I could see how my contributions impacted an outcome was a great feeling. In addition, I learned so much from those around me and met some incredible people.” 

Following this, George progressed to a full-time career opportunity as a salesforce administrator with Genetic Technologies – Pioneer Seeds.  

He says, “I wasn’t always as technical as many others based in technology, and I’ve always liked interacting with others. So Salesforce was an excellent middle ground for letting me explore, build and create while allowing me to connect with users, explore the user experience and be social within my business. It seemed like the perfect fit for me.” 

Could this be you?  

Mission Ready provides a year around intake across all its programmes. So here’s George’s advice to anyone interested in skyrocketing their tech career.  

“Be prepared to ask many questions and learn as much as possible. The best thing you can do while going through the course is, ask questions, be open to learning and network with those around you.” 

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Big Tech Layoffs: A sign of tech talent shift and a positive for SMEs & non-tech companies

big tech layoffs

Written by Mission Ready CEO & Mission Directory, Diana Sharma.

Large layoffs are taking place across the globe at big tech companies. Recently we’ve all heard of the following – 10,000 layoffs by Microsoft, 12,000 by Google, 18,000 by Amazon, 7000 by Salesforce.

The recent headlines of layoffs in the big tech companies, begs the question – are we seeing a slowdown in tech? tech jobs? Will the market be flooded with tech talent? But more importantly from our perspective what does it mean for new talent considering a role in tech today?

Let’s start from the beginning. Firstly, why are these big tech companies laying off staff?

Most tech companies went on a hiring spree during the pandemic as the world shifted to digital with surging demand. But with the current economic uncertainty, they have all decided to dial it back and cut costs.

For the big tech companies this is a drop in the ocean financially. Less than 5% of their actual workforce. While the impact is very real for the people faced with this, for tech companies an upcoming recession seems like a good time to review their strategy and reinvest in securing their future with roles that will have the greatest positive impact. It is a correction of the hiring spree that took place the last two years.

Let’s look into this a bit more. Is this the worst layoff the tech sector has seen?

No. Ask the baby boomers and Gen X. They have experienced the worst kind of layoffs – the dotcom crash of early 2000s where the tech sector shed a quarter of its workers where the jobs fell by 5% and then the jobs the global financial crisis in 2008 saw the workforce contract by 6%.

But in 2011 the hiring boom kicked off that lasted a decade if not more, where more than 100,000 jobs were added annually, making up for the dot com crash and more. The biggest hiring took place after the pandemic kicked in to meet the growing demand.

What we are seeing today is most likely the correction of this hiring spree rather than the popping of the bubble.

While I don’t agree with mass layoffs as a solution, what is good to hear is that those laid off are getting snapped up by other companies beyond the big tech in as little as three months. There is a shift in where the talent is needed. And maybe this is a good thing.

We are seeing a shift in Tech Talent. And that’s a good sign for both non-tech companies and tech talent.

tech talent shift

While Silicon Valley and Big tech companies like Alphabet, Meta and Amazon have been cutting, tech jobs have continued to increase this year. Why? We are now going through an employment reset where much of the talent needs are within the growing and much needed Healthcare, Banking, Retail and primary industry sectors. Every industry is now digital and they need talent.

So as big companies adjust their workforces, it might free up talent for small, mid-sized and more traditional businesses to snatch up these skilled tech workers and continue the march into the digital age. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as top talent becomes accessible and start ups would no doubt be looking to snap up this talent too.

It also doesn’t mean that there will be no hiring at these big tech companies. It means these companies will be hiring in areas of demand as Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella put it.

What does it mean for tech talent?

Existing and new tech talent have choices to look beyond the big tech companies. Candidates are now looking for work where they can make a big impact. So, talent disbursement beyond the major tech companies is great news.

The demand for tech talent is growing, even as big tech companies lay off employees. In fact, according to an article on HRD, “The hotter-than-anticipated tech jobs report confirms there are still many more employers hiring tech talent than shedding it,” Herbert said. “It’s certainly premature to dismiss concerns over the health of the economy, but this should be a reassuring sign for the tech workforce.”

Why? Because technology is changing so fast that even if you’re not working at one of the big players like Facebook or Google, there are still plenty of opportunities out there for people who know how to code and build software.

The demand for tech talent might fluctuate throughout 2023, but overall I believe that after this initial storm and despite the worry surrounding layoffs most talent should find their way to new jobs. I lean towards optimism in 2023. I truly believe for us to stay ahead and continue innovating, businesses will need to continue investing in tech talent. Investing and building a talent strategy and hiring new talent will be a wise decision in 2023.

And if you’re someone who’s thinking about upskilling in tech in 2023…

Definitely do it! The tech skill shortage is very real, and technology is the future. By investing in tech training with Mission Ready, you’re getting industry-ready in a short pace of time and ensuring a secure future ready career where you’ll have a variety of career options with flexibility.

At Mission Ready, our confidence in the tech industry and our training clearly shows with OUR PROMISE. 

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Never stop learning

Exploring links between Streetfighter and success 

Creating his first Linux environment to play Street Fighter at nine years of age, Pierre Sandy – is a true tech insider. DevOps engineer at 9Spokes and recent graduate of Mission Ready, followed his lifelong passion to become a qualified tech professional. The journey had been insightful and useful.

Having gained experience as a sales engineer, selling flow components, Pierre was ready for a career change that reflected his childhood dreams better.

“I just wanted to focus on things I wanted to do”, he recollects how the definitive change began.

This 19-week immersive course, with a ten-week industry placement, had been that point of change.  

The mindset is everything, according to Pierre. “As a developer, you need to stay on top of your learning, continuous learning”. The industry is constantly building more and more layers of knowledge, more ways of connecting different disciplines on several different fronts. Artificial intelligence, data science and cloud technologies are progressing fast. So is the need for more industry experienced tech professionals.

Experience, gained through a commitment to learning, upgrading knowledge or as in Pierre’s case, changing careers.  

A day in the office. “As a devops engineer, my job essentially is maintaining the infrastructure of our product. As things get developed, they go through different environments. And our job is to make sure, before it reaches a full on production environment, that everything is safe and the code is clean”. Sounds technical, and thanks to Pierre who had done the hard yards to make that sentence happen, it is also well-paid 

In addition to being a life-long learner, developers must also learn to be efficient communicators, as their roles become more and more prevalent in almost all modern workspaces, the right mind set is being able to have the skills the employers are looking for, and being able to communicate those skills.

“I just went for it. I just went to management, and I just talked to them, you know?” From day one Pierre got along with the team naturally and was able to communicate to the management that he was wanting to progress on from developer to DevOps, and within a few months, he did.  

“Make sure you’re passionate about what you do. Having that drive and the right mindset to do a job, helps getting hired. Just don’t think because you have a degree, you’re going to get a job. It’s not about that. It’s about having a continuous learning mindset. If there’s a challenge, know how to approach it. Yeah, look at it from different ways”.

A Google search on industry focused tech courses brought him to Mission Ready’s student success stories blog.

“I started looking at success stories because I don’t want a unit or a course, I want a job”. Pierre encourages anyone looking to take on that learning path to take action as he did. 

If you would like to have a no-obligation chat with one of our team you can contact us here. 

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Mission Accomplished – 2022 Candidate Celebration

mission accomplished event 2022

Mission… ACCOMPLISHED! What an absolutely incredible event celebrating all of our 2022 graduates who dared to develop, dream, and accomplish – you guys are truly amazing and we couldn’t be prouder!

This year, we’re so excited to say we’ve had 365 graduates trained in Full Stack Development, Software Development, UX Design, and Salesforce Development, 83% of who are now working professionals in the tech industry.

Thank you to all our industry partners, graduates, and staff who came together both in person and online to celebrate this very special occasion. This was our biggest hybrid event so far! 

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to event sponsors Datacom and Google – having this event sponsored has meant giving back. Every dollar we spent on this event is directly donated to Mission Impact (Mission Ready’s charitable foundation). The sponsorship means we unlocked 14 additional scholarships.

And to our inspiring speakers and partners who took the time out to congratulate, celebrate and inspire our candidates Midu Chandra, Tracey Cotter-Martin,  Dipesh Trikam from Datacom, Christopher Mende from Google & Hamish Martin from Salesforce – we thank you!

Mission Ready is what it is today due to the selfless contribution of amazing people from our industry including but not limited to our industry speakers and partners like Ryan the Lion Ashton, Emma Consedine, Avinash de Silva, and the many other awesome people who make our candidates and Mission Ready as a whole extra special.

Check out some snaps of our event below!

For anyone who wants access to all photos, please click here.

Gamification of success

gamification to software

How often does one take their lounging activities and create a career pathway? Well, Mission Ready graduate Melvin Narayan saw potential in his passion for video gaming and launched a career as a software developer.   

“I grew up around computers and video games, and in today’s age, there are so many cool things that technology enables us to do, and who knows what the future of technology holds for us.” 

How did it all begin? 

Melvin says he has always had a keen interest in technology and its untapped potential. But, he adds, “In today’s age, there are so many cool things that technology enables us to do, and who knows what the future of technology holds for us.” 

This eager passion took Melvin through a phase of exploration. He recalls, “I knew I wanted to get into programming, but I wasn’t sure if I was capable. The more I explored and learned different things, the more I found backend work interesting.”  

Before joining Mission Ready, Melvin worked as a mobile phone repair technician while managing self-education by studying programming on his own time through online resources and courses. 

He adds, “I ultimately decided to leave my full-time job and fully commit myself to pursue a career in tech.”  

Finding the best fit – Life with Mission Ready! 

“Technology became even more fascinating once I started learning at Mission Ready and being able to build my own apps, reverse engineer existing services, and have the knowledge of what’s happening behind the scenes in my day-to-day use of technology.”  

Melvin’s ongoing interest in technology brought him to Mission Ready’s website through a simple Google search! He recalls, “I was looking for a place where I could upskill and learn about programming, and that is when I found Mission Ready.”  

At Mission Ready, any interested candidate must first undergo an interview as part of the enrolment process to meet the prerequisites of the accelerator courses. Melvin, like many others, walked into this meeting full of confidence.  

“I’m passionate about programming, and I was certain this path I wanted to pursue. I had also spent a bit of time learning on my own before joining Mission Ready, boosting my confidence.”  

After the successful interview, Melvin began his 19-week  Software Developer accelerator. He describes this journey as a stable learning platform.   

“I was learning new things every day. It’s a journey that requires hard work and commitment but comes with all the support you need to succeed. There were some challenging times but getting through those challenges is exciting and rewarding!”  

At Mission Ready, all candidates receive learning through a hands-on learning program. Melvin says assignments had turned out to be the most exciting experience of his education journey.   

“In individual missions, we were free to express our creativity and explore up to a level we were comfortable with. In group missions, we got to work with other people, which allowed us to see things from different perspectives. After these missions, we all got to showcase our work, allowing everyone to see different ideas and approaches that other students had.”  

Many candidates have attested to Mission Ready’s vision to create an environment that provides education, and best prepares one for the industry, with a graduated 85% work placement.  

“The main reason I choose Mission Ready is the industry experience program. I wanted to make a career out of programming, and I figured the best way is to upskill and then have some real-world experience in the industry.” 

How can this be you?  

Melvin has become a successful software developer focusing on the backend at 9Spokes and has given us some tips on succeeding at Mission Ready.  

“Curiosity and consistency are what I found to be the most important keys to succeeding at Mission Ready. Dedicating the time daily to learning and having the curiosity to ask questions and explore unknown territory will take you far.” 

He describes that the tech industry can seem intimidating, but not to be afraid of the unknown.  

“There are so many aspects of technology, but most of it boils down to some basic concepts. Once you learn those concepts, you can continue to grow in so many directions and become successful.” 

Want to learn more about Software Development? Head to our accelerator page. 

Learning success


Mitchell’s quest for new challenges lead to rewards 

A new experience and opportunity for growth are what continue to be the driving force behind Mitchell Quarrie’s passion for the IT industry.  

Mitchell, who is a seasoned philomath, has enjoyed learning, gaining certifications in tourism, business, mechanical engineering, a bachelor’s in Information Technology, and a recent qualification in Software (Cloud & DevOps) Development with Mission Ready.  

Talking success 

He says his interest in the technology world has been an ongoing passion, and taking a software development course was the next step in this direction.  

“Software development is a new experience for me. I like creating new things, and I have never worked in a job like this, which drew me to advance my knowledge in this area.”  

Mitchell says while in between jobs, he had heard about Mission Ready’s successful programs from a friend and decided to explore his options in this field.  

After a deep dive into understanding what was on offer and how best he could align himself with the opportunities available, Mitchell decided to put through an application and was shortlisted to enrol.  

“Honestly, I went into this interview with Mission Ready as I have with all other interviews I have conducted in the tech world. I just spoke about my passion and willingness to learn and grow.”  

Key trait: Determination

 Mitchell adds that learning with Mission Ready was a rewarding process, and gaining real industry experience was the icing on the cake! 

“I must say I really enjoyed learning and being able to work with industry giants. I think it’s important to approach your education with a good work-life-study balance to maintain a smooth transition.” 

Now, working as a successful Junior Software Developer with Chiptech Limited, Mitchell says for those interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry must approach Mission Ready’s education with a determined mindset. 

“I think right from the get-go it’s important to put in the effort in order to succeed.”

Want to learn more about this pathway? Take a look at our Software (Cloud & DevOps) Developer page.

Breaking new grounds and picking up the challenge

Indigo Phillips


“I knew there weren’t many women in the technology industry, so I opted to set aside that dream and pursued a career that would provide a means of taking care of my family.”

This recent graduate of Mission Ready’s UX Designer Course, Indigo Phillips, says her interest in technology dates back to a time when Web 1.0 was evolving, but the lack of diversity and inclusion within the industry had her looking elsewhere for a career. 

“I worked in the courier industry for many years, but I always knew I would return to my passion. I knew I wanted to be in this space, creating and designing and learning about users experience.” 

Now, as a qualified UX designer for the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Indigo hopes to create pathways and break barriers for women, particularly Maori women, in the industry. 

Indigo shares her journey of finding her footing in the industry through the guidance of Mission Ready.

Why gain an education with Mission Ready?

“I heard about Mission Ready through social media and immediately recognised that this was an excellent opportunity for me to add to my skill set.” 

Indigo recalls before joining Mission Ready, she had been transitioning through several projects.  

I was finding it hard to look for employment; even though I had already done about four or five different projects, it wasn’t enough. I felt like I needed extra skills because I was struggling.”

Ensuring that there was a career pathway moving forward was a priority for Indigo, she adds, knowing that Mission Ready was portrayed as the authority in tech education and career pathway made it her top choice. 

I knew that Mission Ready had set up a team to support those coming in to lean, so I already knew that this was the place I wanted to be with that kind of support that helped people to work afterwards. So it’s totally unbeatable in my books; that’s one of the reasons why I choose Mission Ready.”

What are the expectations of studying at Mission Ready?

“I would say that I found my confidence in this space because the education allowed me to gain the knowledge needed for the industry along with the much-needed UX designer mindset.”

Indigo adds that a willingness to learn and a growth mindset will take you a long way in your journey at Mission Ready and the industry.

“My advice would be never to give up and constantly think about learning and what you can do for yourself to add to your value as an essential future employee.” 

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