Looking for a job in the Software Industry?

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We know entering the job market can be tricky so our Mission Ready Co-Founder, Alan Kan, has put together some interview tips for you.

Always remember in a job interview, you need to demonstrate that:

1. You can do the job (i.e. you have the technical skills and/or experience needed)

2. You culturally fit into their team well.

Interviewing is a 2-way street. While you want a job, the employer wants a good candidate to work for them. So while you need to tell them how awesome you are, they also have the responsibility to convince you how wonderful it is to work there.

6 ways to stand out in your interview

1.  Ask clarifying questions if you are unsure of what a question means

2. Be positive about co-workers and your ex-boss/client/project sponsor. Do not complain at a job interview

3. Provide examples/details when you answer questions, It’s ok to take some time to think about your answer before you open your mouth. You don’t have to answer as quickly as possible

4. Usually, answers should be approximately 1 -2 minutes long

5. Have confidence in yourself

6. Know your own unique selling proposition. What makes you stand out from the rest?

What’s a behavioural question?

Behavioural questions are common in job interviews. It asks for your past experience to demonstrate you have certain capabilities or qualities. Usually, it starts with something like “Can you give me an example of a time when you…”.

You can answer the question using STAR approach. In fact, STAR approach can be used answering many interviewing questions.

Question: Can you describe a time when you handled conflict at workplace?

Situation: Describe a situation you were in. eg. A few stakeholders had conflicting requirements in a project.

Task: Tell them what you need to achieve. eg. My task as a business analyst was to prioritise the requirements.

Action: Describe what you actually did, e.g. I organised a workshop with key stakeholders to explain the conflict, and went through their requirements using a Prioritisation Matrix.

Result: tell them what happened as a result of your actions. e.g stakeholders achieved consensus to the priority of requirements.

Technical interview questions

For software development and testing jobs, you may get a technical interview, check out the interview menu item at the following link for a sample of questions and answers relating to your programming language/skills. Unfortunately, there is no easy way out except to ensure you gain as much knowledge as possible about your technical area. Here are some examples of technical interview questions.

What do you do after the interview?

At the end of a job interview, you are usually asked whether you have any questions. You should aim to ask at least a couple of questions. (Ask something NOT related to salary, or when you can go home, or how much leave you have.)

Send a thank you email within 24 hours, if you have the email address of the interviewer/HR (sometimes it will be in the meeting invite).

We wish you luck in your job search! If you’re looking to upskill or looking to get industry experience, don’t forget to check out our Software Developer (Cloud & DevOps) accelerator > 

Article written by Mission Ready Co-Founder, Alan Kan